Veterans Honor Park


The United States Armed Forces deserve to be honored, remembered and appreciated for their vital role in the preservation of freedom throughout history.

The Veterans Honor Park is a place for families and individuals to gather in honor of veterans. The park, located along the west side of Veterans Place Drive in Chesterfield’s Central Park, was designed to be inviting, uplifting, engaging and safe. Visitors find opportunities for both educational discovery and contemplative retrospection. The park is open to the public during regular park hours, from dawn to dusk.

"Passing Veterans Honor Park each morning, I appreciate the quiet beauty of the place and wanted to share my appreciation with the city. I have seen it in sunlight, and I have seen it in darkness with the flags gently washed by soft spotlight. It is so thoughtfully designed: In its simplicity are elegance and honor to the fine Americans who gave their lives so that the rest of us might live free. This space is simply a deeply soul satisfying installation, and I wanted to compliment all involved in its creation." - Diane Tinucci, 34-year Chesterfield Resident

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night with fountain lit